The Diabetes Sutra

Stop Managing! Start Winning over Diabetes

Living life to the fullest with Diabetes

Wish it was easier to live with Diabetes or say bye-bye to diabetes?

Live life to the fullest with Diabetes
Who is this for?

The Diabetes Sutra is for you if YOU want to :

What Can You Expect From This Programme?

Personalised Meal Plans

Weekly personalised nutrition meal plans and lifestyle plans

Fitness Challenges

Bite-sized nutrition, fitness or mindset challenges - So that you have something simple to work on each day to improve your energy and mood!

Anytime Access

24/7 access to videos, short clips and tips - Never worry about missing a session!

Accountability Buddy

Tons of accountability! Get an assigned accountability buddy and/or chat privately with Sheetal during Office Hours

Exercise Routine

Mini exercise routines to keep you moving

Recipe Ideas

Simple traditional and new recipe ideas

Impact of Diabetes

Impact of diabetes on every organ of the body

Weekly Group Calls

Weekly group video calls with Sheetal - Gain the support of a community

to Take the Next Step Towards Being Fit and Healthy for Life!

The Diabetes Sutra

What you will receive:

Weekly Nutritious Meal Plans

A meal plan that fits in your schedule. Real, whole-foods based guidelines. Planning ahead is the key to successfully sustained weight loss. We do the planning and you focus on optimising your health.

Weekly Q&A Session with Sheetal Somaiya

You will have exclusive access to a personalised session with Sheetal, have your questions answered and together plan a diet best suited for your blood sugar levels and balancing diabetes one week at a time.

Online Progress Tracker

What gets measured gets improved. Track your progress in real-time. Learn where you are achieving your health goals and identify key focus areas for next week. Plan your exercise routine based on your personal progress tracker.

Daily Accountability

Motivation is the key to success. You will have daily accountability, support and motivation to help you adopt #onehealthyhabit #onedayatatime. Small daily goals will lead to your big win.

Easy Quick Recipes and Grocery List

We will work together and make your own recipes nutriwise, quick, easy and satisfying. Get exclusive access to proven recipes that you can try and incorporate as per your taste buds. A grocery list for every week ensures you have a well-stocked healthy pantry.

Food and Lifestyle Journal

Your own personal food and lifestyle journal will help you understand what works for your body, which food combinations suit your body and which you must choose to have less often.

Success Guides and Videos

Success guides and videos are specially curated for you to have all evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle information in one place to empower you with key strategies, success tips for optimal nutrition and sustainable lifestyle modifications for better diabetes control.

Online Private Community

Support and be supported by your peers where each one understands the challenges and shares their own tips and tricks of success as they are going through the same thing as you. You will receive unlimited support from The HealthSuttra team.

The The Diabetes Sutra is an online programme that you can join from anywhere in the world.

Sign up now to live life to the fullest with diabetes!

to Take the Next Step Towards Being Fit and Healthy for Life!

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