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Easy, quick recipes for busy individuals. Inculcate one healthy habit at a time.


Best quality nutrition plan that works for YOU and fits in your busy schedule.


Lifestyle modification to achieve and maintain your health goals for life.

Sheetal Somaiya


15 Years

Welcome to The HealthSuttra

At The HealthSuttra, we are deeply committed towards the health and well-being of our clients. We do this by combining the wisdom of the Sutras – ancient teachings with present-day technology.

This holistic approach enables us to create traditional recipes and plans that help you lose weight – achieve your blood sugar goals, lower your cholesterol, blood pressure and focus on improving your gut health.

Practical Solutions, Real Results

  • Weekly Meal Plan
  • Easy Recipes
  • Grocery List
  • Food and Lifestyle Journal
  • Online Progress Tracker
  • Daily Accountability

Online Nutrition

Diabetes Education

Qualified Dietitian

The HealthSuttra Programmes

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